CZickiness XXXVIII Reboot. To Honor a friend


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Nov 3, 2008
Not far from the tre
Don't remember who was asking but CZ tells me, "

"thank You for Your email and for Your interest.

We have a CZ 457 with left hand action in our R&D plan and we would like to bring it to the market as quickly as possible, however, as this is a development project, we cannot guarantee any dates or which specific version will be in LH version offered. We would like to have them on the market in the second half of 2021, but as written above – we can´t give any guarantee.

I am sorry for being unable to give You a more positive answer.

Have a nice day and stay safe.

S pozdravem/Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Česká zbrojovka a.s."


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Jun 29, 2012
Fort Wayne, IN
I’ve had thoughts about stocking up on things, but I don’t need anything for myself besides ammo, but I haven’t really shot much for about 3-4 years... I’d rather spend the money on other things right now. Lots more important things to me at this time.
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