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  • Thanks for the rep, and for warning me about that picture. Totally missed that. Funny how some things slip through the cracks!!!
    Thanks for the rep. I always get a laugh when people with an ... extensive ... ignore list, who brag about their whitelist plug-in; make a big deal out of the need to not have an echo chamber and hear other voices!
    Priceless! He also forgets the old adage that if we can't talk to him we'll talk about him
    Oh hell, I did see that. Man, the was just Indy being funny. Kut is so paranoid now any comment at all is a personal (read: racial) attack.
    Lolz, thanks. I've slipped from the LOL club to either virtual ignore or real ignore. Is there a way to tell for sure? Not too long ago (within the last two months) he overtly stated right after a post of mine that he disliked certain people commenting on his posts at all, but did't mention me specifically and must have been able to read them at least up until that point
    Thanks for the rep. It's a shame that Kutnupe has decided to trade in nothing more than pure vitriol. Seems that Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again.
    Can't rep until I spread it around.

    The big danger is if they hit the edge of Guam just right it will tip over and drown everyone.

    Hilarious. I'm a big Hank fan, too. Is he still in Congress?
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