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  • Thanks for all of the info on Nelson and the history of caskets, I thought it was interesting. Would've repped you, but have to spread it.
    Huskies are very cute; they have such expressive, joyful faces. Thanks for the rep
    I too tried to rep you but can’t figure it out. I truly appreciate the info and history you provided about my rifle!
    I would rep you, but the rep Nazi's won't let me. Great info you provided for the guy that has that Vietnam bringback T53 carbine! I love it when people do that instead of the usual sniping. I wish you a very happy holidays!
    I've forgotten her first name, Eric. Remind me please and I'll add her to my prayer list. I little prayin can't hurt. Hope they find the problem quickly and it's a simple fix. Barb is finally stringing some good days together again after some cardiovascular troubles. Hoping we've dodged that bullet for a while.
    Me, I'm just whining 'cause I'm sore all over from changing the front brakes on my pickup.:):
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