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    • Thanks for the rep! Yeah, not that it happens very often, but over the years when I'm in the market for a bike, the precision of the Hondas in shifting and throttle just draw me in...
      Thanks for the rep! I will take a casual look at the new Wings, but not sure if a new sickle is in my near future. I did stop into a Harley Davidson store a few weeks back, they've come a long way too.
      Wow I hope she is doing ok that sounds intense. I will try and make it for the OC event as of right now it looks like I can.
      I finally got over to your shop today the girl behind the counter said you weren't in however. I had to pick up some sticks for my groomsmen and a few for me too of course. Great selection and prices you have there. I will be working down the street from your shop starting next month, so I will be in quite often I'm sure.
      Tanks for the rep! KLB showed me his red dot at the M&S. He said they drop out of stock fast. I figured that was the one.
      Thanks for the Rep! Im tired of the stupid-crap on this forum! Wish we could have a public bashing of stupid people!
      I don't think we'll ever convince Libertarians but we can at least strengthen the conviction of the Conservatives.
      I have been on this board, for around two years, and just saw this, this morning.....
      I met you a couple of years ago at your Schererville store and you showed me the Rugar LCP you were carrying. I'm thinking about picking one up and was curious if you are still satisfied with it, and what type of ammo do you use. Would appreciate any info you have about the pistol, any likes or dislikes. thanks in advance... Beagle
      Hey there,

      Just figured I'd let you know I am selling my Detonics Scoremaster. Original Washington gun. I have a post in the WTS page and if you're interested, just let me know.

      Any word on those Detonics? I looked at their website but I didn't see anything about the double stack 1911. Their current msrp is $2200 on a single stack!
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