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  • Thank you for the kind thought! At the end of the day being reminded that there are still some of us left standing at the line means a lot more than little rep bars under my picture!
    Thanks for the rep, man. It's the urban equivalent of the three esses, because you can't shovel
    Thanks for the rep. It is Yin/Yang, all things give rise to their opposites. Marxist attackers on America give rise to patriotic defenders of same
    Thanks for the rep. It's a shame that so many of our politicians would exploit the anarchy that they have helped foster.
    Thanks for the rep, hatin'. Too many people don't think enough about how if you actually draw on someone, you may only have a split second to decide what to do. Cops perhaps get more training and practice in tense situations, but they're still human
    Since we had politics in a non politic thread, I thought I'd just comment that, it's not so bad that there are dumbasses that think 93 million are killed per day.
    What so bad, is people elect them.
    Thanks for the rep. Always willing to share insight. There are small things that many people don't consider. Seems like you have a pretty good system in place already. I can say that of all the traffic stops I've made, when the occupant does the things you say you do, I don't write a citation.
    Thank you for the rep. Something is usually fishy when someone provides a quote with no source, then does a dance to avoid providing a source.
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