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  • Thank you for taking the post in the spirit it was awkwardly offered in. I remember a number of people down my years on INGO who just couldn't let go of the burr under their saddle, and how many of them flamed out spectacularly. I do think CM has been doing the bulk of the modding and probably cares too much for his own good (witness the freezing of threads to keep everyone safe from the hammer while tempers cool) and it's burning him out. I don't want him to give up on us
    Thank you for the rep. It seems 2020 is the year that keeps giving - just when you think it can't get more surreal it delivers in spades :):
    Thanks for the rep. It is always a revelation (not that kind) and an inspiration that many on INGO appreciate some of the same things I do, culturally. Our differences are almost certainly less than our similarities
    Just don't think a purity test is the way to go for someone to be allowed to express an opinion, and I don't think holding an opinion about academic repression is outside one's area of expertise just because one is from a different department - he still has expertise and experience on being an academic in today's campus environment
    There's no reason to visit Rushville. However, I have a brother in New Haven, so I am up that way a few times every year. At the very least I can bring you some of the lime wine I made.
    Thanks for the rep, I heard on the news that a group in Indy has some sort of a plan besides "defund the police" . No details, but it involves reviews of these incidents.
    Yeah, I was trying to be lighthanded/lighthearted, but among the people I always read (of which you are one) sometimes it seems you're picking up the load for T Rex at constantly reminding us we are/could be 'better than that'. When I was (uncharitably) thinking 'why doesn't he go tell that to the other side' it came to me that you couldn't, that we have to work with 'the audience we have', which channeled Rumsfeld :)
    Thanks for the rep. I blame the lockdown. I never had much tolerance for foolishness to start with. Hope you and yours are well
    Thank you Chris. I have met a lot of really cool people over the years doing this. But the medical offices closing is killing us, in a way. - Doug
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