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  • Hey Tom can you give me a call back. I’m having trouble doing what you suggested. I’m trying like heck but I can’t find it.
    Thanks for the rep. I get tired of the people who I assume (hope?) are anti-abortion always taking the other side of an argument like it was debate club or something. Even without accounting for the unborn, innocent people are killed in riots and cops are ambushed all by leftists. I would bet the total now surpasses OKC but trying to make the point would only get us bogged down in the semantics of what constitutes a death caused by the left
    Thanks for the rep.
    I guess her day just got worse.
    If I'm at a fast food window, I put it in park because my attention is not on the car.
    Thanks for the rep. I take a LOT of things Alpo posts with a pinch of salt. I had to guide a dump truck back for that one.
    Thanks for the rep! I had thought that for a while, but your post brought me to articulate it.
    Thank you for the rep. Thre are 2 foszoes. The longer the post the more likely its the sane one :)
    Thanks for the rep. I was inspired by something Michael Knowles said during an interview on the Dave Rubin show.
    Thanks for the rep. I'm currently biting my tongue over the usual 'legalize drugs' screed in another thread - including the usual 'learn from past mistakes' canard. I honestly don't understand why 'prohibition didn't work' is the only lesson they seem able to see, not how many lives have been destroyed by alcohol and drugs. SMH. Killing themselves to live
    LOL.....I knew it was in jest. Your right, dyslexia is a consistent problem when I don't double check that I read what I thought I read. Thanks for the rep!!
    Thanks for the rep. I'd honestly prefer if a lot of those people stayed further way. In a different country.
    Thanks for the rep. I take it you were familiar with Harleyrider's 'style'? I never could make the call if it was a shtick or the way he really wrote. It seemed too internally consistent to be just a rustic style, but he never once broke the mold that I ever saw. Quite the character. CM said he was the real deal
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