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  • Thanks for the rep. When I say there are very few things I am 100% sure of, its probably one really one thing
    Thanks for the rep! I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I also think it’s very important
    Thanks for the rep! Yeah, that struck me pretty funny. "We accepted the results"... yeah right! :):
    Thanking you! Alpo appears to be melting down, I think he's losing confidence :)
    Thanks for the rep! :): Thankfully where I work (when I was at work) nobody had access to the thermostats. You took whatever you got for a particular area.
    Thank you for the rep. I honestly feel that this election cycle is trying to break Poe's Law at every turn.
    Part II - Fell in love with it. Beautifully stable, easy to use, intuitive and you can almost always back out of a mistaken pathway without having to start all over again. I would never go back, and we've over time migrated to all Apple devices like iPhones and CarPlay
    Thanks for the rep. I had been a command line programmer for much of my career but we went Mac because my wife is a graphic designer and the Windoze compatible versions of Adobe software were always riddled with awkward work arounds to accomodate its idiosyncrasies as well as less stable and reliable. At that point, I was mainly just typing reports or reviewing data and could get by with just Excel and Word, which were available on the Mac - see part II
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