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  • Thank you. If they sat on their hands when Lois Lerner and Clinton destroyed evidence, why should I take them seriously when they wish to question Trump's veracity
    Lawyers and politicians. I will also throw bankers into that mix as well. No where near 99%
    Lolo, oh no, I am most certainly not 100% right about anything. People's perceptions vary from person to person. I concede that plenty of people are "intimidated" during traffic stops. I'm just advising you, that in my experience, it does not "appear" to be the case. I offered you a ride-a-long, so that you could specifically see how I conduct business day to day. Hell, I'll even put you up in a hotel and treat you to dinner.... all in an attempt, and you may leave thinking the same way before you ever step foot in my car, to change your perception, or at least modify your opinion (even to the slightest degree). It doesn't get any easier than that. And I'm not joking about the offer.
    You're free to take a ride-a-long so that I may prove you otherwise. Adren Flowing does not equal intimidation. Keep in mind that comparatively, you're personal experience with traffic stops is surely limited to a handful, whereas, I have conducted thousands.
    The offer stands for a ride-a-along if you so choose.
    Well, some may be intimidated, but that is typically the exception to the rule.
    As for insulting, I did no such thing. An insult is being called a "scam artist." If you are referring to the fact that I call "That Guy" a liar, well, the word was certainly apt. I don't mince words for those that intentionally try to be disrespectful, fail to acknowledge when they are incorrect, or attempt to put words in my mouth.
    I have, and will continue to extend courtesy and respect to those (even those that fiercely disagree with me) that understand what civil discourse is.
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