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    • Oh no worries. Even if they were it was funny. I actually own the same drone that's in the picture.

      I still get calls for Utah, but even after educating people on the limited benefits some still want to take it. I guess I'm due to run another course. Used to do one or two a month. How are things up north? We just picked up another school that wants to arm their teachers. They just got their insurance policy so it's time to start training. That makes number three.
      Thanks for the rep! I'd try it outside but the OMG!WTF!MWG! call would not end well for me and I'd be pissed that I'd never get to hear the 911 tapes.
      Thanks for the rep.
      This is so true. While I fully support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, it is a shame we have come to the point where we have lost our sense of what is moral and what is not.
      Thanks for the rep. I know what you mean, I cringed every time the finger hit the trigger.
      I read many threads in your link, but those tests are mostly old and use outdated ammo. The SD ammo I carry exits the barrel at 2,600 FPS. Another thread pertaining to LE agencies compares the 5.7 to the .223/5.56, and they went back to the AR15 over the P90. But I can't carry an AR15. I can carry a 5.7 with custom ammo. I went from carrying a .40S&W 18 years ago to a .45ACP to the 5.7 today.
      Lol, I am ex military and ex leo. People like that annoy me. Too many other good trainers out there.
      Thanks for the rep. :)

      The FNH Five-seveN is my primary carry weapon. After watching that doctor's ballistics video, it only reinforced my opinion of the round.

      Some people still argue that nothing beats a flying ashtray. This video shows different. You need structural damage. Let's face it, the human body is a bullet sponge. It can absorb and withstand handgun bullets easier than most people think.

      Velocity is everything when it comes to bone fragmentation and tissue destruction.
      No problem at all my friend. Wish more 'sheep' would wake up and puke up the kool aid they've been spoon fed for years. I guess it's up to us to slowly but steadfastly be vigilant in our efforts.
      Thanks for the rep! I think each of us can filter through all the BS that is surrounding this. I guess I just do not understand all the hype he gathers?!
      Agree...however, I have gotten over all the intial shock and surprise of people on INGO (including an NRA instructor) who insist kids should have loaded guns accessible to them. Now, it's just sickening. Example: ShavedForBattle spoke of "...all that Indiana law crap..." He is a prime example; when he gets in legal criminal trouble because a minor was injured or killed, his internet name and postings will crucify him, and rightly so.
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