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  • Not bored today, I took all of my .22's out to the coon hunters. I put a scope on my marlin model 60 so I had to sight it in. I also fine tuned the scope on my savage; that gun is a tack driver. I was shooting 12 gauge shells laying on their side with the primer pointing towards me, and hitting them every time at 60 yards. I can't wait to get some match ammo for this gun, it should easily get dime sized groups, since I was getting under quarter sized groups today with bulk ammo.
    I have not been to the range to shoot it yet (got to get passed all this holiday stuff), but I still like it.
    can you email me your email address? I want to talk about your mini.

    I can't send you any messages right now.
    hey, this is parkman. check out great forum and each silencer maker that you are interested in visits and answers questions frequently. they should be able to help with you cycle question.
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