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  • hey nate gonna call you in a few minutes for help with pictures on this thing again
    hey, i have a rock river lar-15 i would be willing to trade you. it is a heavy barrel chrome lined bore and chamber CAR length. 16" barrel, a2 front sight, flat top upper, car 6 pos. buttstock. hogue grip. it was a little over 1100 new. I duracoat all of my guns, but ran out of time to do this one. (it's too cold to paint it outside now) it is currently lightly sanded and roughed up in order to apply the duracoat. so it obviously needs some sort of paint or duracoat once its warm. other than that, it has about 100-200 rounds through it and is practically brand new. it is extremely accurate. i consistenly shot .70" groups with prvi partizan match. Honestly, just want to part ways with it because i built another rock river and dont need two. let me know what you think. the gun is currently disassembled for duracoating, so pics wont do you much good. i can reassemble it at will. thanks
    I'm from Peru, but my mom lives in Huntington, so I know that town pretty well. I'd love to try out the range at Roush sometime.
    I don't think I ever saw where your from, anywhere near Huntington ? If so we need to meet at the range sometime when you get yours.
    Oh one other thing, the one 21st Century is selling is the newer one with the bolt hold back feature. Check for that before you by one.
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