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  • I think my dad will be happy if his driving slows down and he can sleep in. He's not doing it for the money.
    Stay safe out there.
    Lol no problem. I’m very misguided on politics. I try to pay attention to it but it’s so depressing sometimes, I wish we could get a true constitutionalist in office but that’ll never happen. The older I get the more desire I have to pay attention to politicians, but they’re all crooks so I tend to vote party line for the right cause I align most with them. It’s bad I know but... what other option is there?
    These days I only count on info that's close and first hand, going beyond that today you never know what you are getting.
    Thank you for the rep. High praise indeed when it comes from one of the more thoughtful INGO members
    Thanks for the rep. I hate it when people say "there should be a law", but the only way I see to stop this is if there was a law. Except, no one would do it. Federal level (which wouldn't be Constitutional), or at the State level.
    Thank you sir, high praise indeed when it comes from a thoughtful and serious member such as yourself
    I feel your pain Doug. I do know that Clinton is the worst choice from a gun owners point of view. Johnson doesn't stand a chance period. I hate Trump, but I find him a bit more tolerable then a Clinton. I can't imagine 4 years or 8 years of the changes she will make. We can't afford 8 more years of another democrat POTUS. Take care buddy, I wish you the best.
    Thanks for the rep. The sad thing is that it was necessary to point this out. I would have though it obvious enough that no one would have had trouble understanding Trump peeling off union votes.
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