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    • I'm down here in Decatur, have had my rifle range set up for almost 1 yr now. We can get out to 421 yrds. If you would like to be invited to the next shoot, just let me know. We are a long ways out, but time moves quickly.
      And yet you went. :yesway:
      I was at work :(
      But, I think I'm going to try to get a day off for the April 14 one. My craft can only have 1 guy with a day off at a time.
      The whole point of academia and higher learning is that you learn about an issue from all perspectives, not just the ones that support your arguments
      A lot of truth in your assessment! To make a multivolume history condense into a couple of phrases, the German navy was excellent per unit but not ready, particularly with construction, when war broke out (and had fuel supply problems), the Italian navy was unprepared and woefully short of fuel, and the Japanese relied too heavily on rebuilt WWI ships and relied WAY too heavily on ungodly complex plans which were prone to failure without much help from the enemy.
      When I was a wee little un, I liked raisins. Then one of my brothers and I ate a HUGE box of them, all at once.
      I haven't liked them since.
      But I've been fooled by raisins that I thought were chocolate chips
      Thanks for the rep. In my "subscriptions" I have a folder called "Gun Control Arguments". I keep posts there that I may need to reference later. This was one of those arguments... The Gun IS Civilization.
      Thanks for the rep! It really is a crying shame that leftists believe in capital punishment for the offense of being inconvenient, but not for sociopathic crimes.
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