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    • Sort of...The speed in which the tic tac with a light at both end was fast...The green orb less so...It didn't move for a long period of time...Then dropped 1000 feet like an elevator on the outside of one of those resort hotels...Then straight back up 10 minutes later...The one Magnetos aunt took in E-town for certain looks like one of those balloons...
      Part II Does that speed seem in line with what you observed from the ground?

      While I've got your attention, is the shop open? Do you have any nice GP100s in 6" 357?
      You're welcome, Indi. Go on the web and look at photos taken from ground level of those ballons in flight. They're attracting quite a bit of attention so there are quite a few pics. At the altitudes they're at they could easily exceed 100kts. Mr calculator tells me that at 100kts and 60000 feet, the balloon would travel from 30 degrees above the horizon to directly overhead in a bit more than 12 1/2 minutes and transit the visible sky in 25 minutes.
      Thank you for the rep! That picture was too good not to share. Hope you and your family have been doing well.
      Thanks for the rep! I need to pick up my guitar again. Haven't played in a few years. Maybe this winter. :) That way I can sing and play without bothering the neighbors. :):
      I thought of this when I mused on the many ways to use 'cowboy' as a descriptive term, not all of them complimentary. I was reaching for an innocent analogy to answer your question about what was wrong with you since I was mentioned in passing. I appreciate the props.
      Thanks for the rep. I was trying to channel that male braggadocio that I remember from high school/early college, as it seemed that's where we were going :)

      While were on the subject of that thread, I hope there were no hidden bad connotations by attributing a gaucho nature to you and mentioning your wife in context. If there are/were I sincerely apologize to you and the Mrs.
      Thanks. Like SDH said, tooth pain can knock you out of action faster than about anything. I want to avoid as much of that as possible.
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