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    • Thanks for the rep. And yes, I hope it won't happen. To say I'm worried, would be an understatement though.
      Thanks! Don't forget tomorrow to have a Blessed Dormition unless you are on Julian Calender. If so then get to fasting :)
      Thanks for the rep! I had never heard it before either until the day I thought it up. Sometimes when I get really irritated, I can get pretty creative with the insults.
      Thank you for the rep. Some people just make it too easy. At least for a little while until they move from entertaining to irksome.
      I don't know about best post this year - it is mid-June - but I'll take the rep. :)
      Thank you. I came across a number today but can't second source it yet. Americans purchased 143 billion gallons of gasoline in 2016. Even if you double my estimates on jet fuel use, that's still less than 2 billion gallons. I couldn't find if the 143 billion included diesel but it did not include commercial vehicles
      Thanks for the rep, it wouldn't be the first time I've seen people confuse the two symbols. At IU I had a prof draw it on the chalkboard and dramatically turn to the class and say, "Does anybody know what this means?". When the answer came back quickly " a high quality car" it set the tone for that SPEA class for the rest of the year.
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