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  • Thank you Sir. It really hit me when I started taking care of our property out in the country. I am a city person, so when I started going out there to take care of things there became more responsibility on my back. A tree falls down in the city it is likely the city will remove it, on my land it's my responsibility OR it lays there. - Doug
    Thank you very much. The unfortunate truth is that I do not see any resolution through any democratic process. At this point I am seeing no capable defenders of the Republic including and especially on the Supreme Court. I am forecasting a 40% chance of a second civil war within two years.
    Thanks, Mike. There is too much focus on process and potential future events that may never come to pass. Would they have wanted the court to consider any potential harm in deciding to overturn Dred scott or would they just want the court to decide the issue on its merits. The objections are a textbook case of 'whose ox is being gored' in my mind
    Thanks for the rep. The deflection and mental gymnastics is astonishing with some of these people.
    Thanks. It's been a few, surprised he hasn't turned up already - must be busy stirring the pot in other threads
    Thanks for the rep. A little ad hom at the end, but I try to wind Alpo's mainspring a little tighter when I get the chance
    Thanks for the rep! It’s tiring watching media continue the same drivel they have for 4 years and not accepting when he does what they ask. He shouldn’t have to daily.
    Thanks for the rep, Mike. There is no compromise position where there is a clear right and wrong
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