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  • Thanks for the rep. He and TRex are cut from the same cloth (progressive polyester) and are quite willing to call into question the integrity of others but get all frosty when they feel they are not accorded their due. **** 'em
    Thank you for the rep Steve. I know it won't happen, but it is a fun little flight of fancy to imagine such. - Doug
    Thanks for the rep (on celebrities not opening their homes to refugees). Somehow I didn't notice this rep from 3 days ago. I just noticed it.
    I've agreed with many of your posts, and respect the intellect that you show. As for T. Lex, I'm almost done interacting with him. He may be more knowledgeable than I, but he believes himself to be the smartest in the room; any room. No need to respond to this, just wanted you to know.
    Thank you for the rep. I appreciate it though I'm not sure I deserve it. Don't share that sentiment with T. Lex, the explosion might be messy :)
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