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  • doddg

    Site Supporter
    May 15, 2017
    Took the 3 remaining air pistols to the range today:
    - Weihrauch HW 70 .177 cal, springer
    - Weihrauch HW 45 .22 cal, springer
    - Air Ventura V10 .177 cal, pneumatic

    30' on 3.75" circles just for fun today.
    I couldn't see where the pellets were hitting at that distance, but pulled target up after 5 rounds for some KY windage/elevation, haha!
    10 rds per circle.
    Range 05.09.2023 at 3.75 in circles at 30'.jpg

    The usual 21' on 1.75" circles for non-optics.
    1st row: HW 70 did well for me today at 100%.
    2nd row: HW 45 I couldn't believe after a perfect 1st circle, & great 2nd circle,
    I ended up with 3 flyers on circles 3 & 4. This is my favorite air gun. :scratch:
    3rd row: The Air Ventura V10 usually gets 100%,
    but had a wild high flyer on my 1st shot.. :wallbash:
    Range 05.09.2023 at 1.75 in circles at 21'.jpg


    Site Supporter
    May 15, 2017
    Realized I hadn't taken the air pistols to the range in months.
    - Weihrauch HW 70 break barrel .177 cal, springer
    - Weihrauch HW 45 break barrel .22 cal, springer
    - Air Ventura V10 break barrel .177 cal, pneumatic

    My favorite to shoot is the HW 45 with its fiber optic front and rear sights.
    I have the HW 70 for sale in the Classifieds under "Airguns."
    Air Ventura V10 pneumatic continues to be the most consistent shooter.

    21" at 1.75" circles.
    5 rounds each circle.
    Range 02.06.2024 21ft on 1.75in circles.jpg

    CALIBER: .22 Cal (5.5mm) pellet
    TRIGGER: Adjustable 2 stage
    CAPACITY: Single Shot (pellet only)
    SYSTEM: Single Stroke Spring Piston
    SIGHTS: Fixed Front and adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
    (Fiber Optic)
    SAFETY: Manual
    Rifled Barrel BARREL LENGTH: 6.7"
    WEIGHT: 2.6#
    Two position cocking stroke for selecting power level
    Dovetail rail to accept scope
    Checkered walnut grips.
    Heavy Duty metal construction
    Made in Germany
    You can choose between two velocities without pumping, using the two-position spring piston system.
    13mm dovetail rail to accept scope

    Weihrauch HW45 pistol.jpg

    Air Venturi V10 Competition Target Pistol
    - Single-stroke pneumatic
    - Single-shot
    - Two-stage adjustable trigger
    - Extremely accurate
    - Competition-grade rifled barrel
    - Recoil and vibration free
    - Made in Spain
    Air Venturi V10 left side.jpg

    The HW70A is a break barrel spring piston airgun in .177 caliber.
    Cocks just like the break barrel rifles.
    Dark blue-black epoxy finish, with a nice high luster.
    The stock is molded in black with a durable scratch texture.
    There is even a thumb shelf in the grip for right or left hand shooters.
    Automatic safety on the left side.
    The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and the front sight is a hooded post.
    Weighs 2 lbs., 6 oz.
    Extensive use is made of aluminum in the construction of this pistol.
    The spring tube and outer barrel jacket are made of it.
    Barrel is a thin steel tube inside the outer jacket.
    Weihrauch HW 70 .177 cal 5.5 mm break barrel.png
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