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  • i have a prohunter muzzleloader ill be selling. i probably wont mess with it until closer to deer season. let me know if your interested. if not no big deal its not eating anything
    Just a thanks for the 16 ga sxs, shot a few shells through it yesterday performed great. Thanks,Ed
    My days of full time skating have recently ended, been a wonderfull and painfull 23 years, Now I ride with the intentions on driving home in one piece,,lol lol Im gettin old Paul.
    Howdy, I'll take the glock for $425 cash and can meet you in Columbus Wednesday night. My cell # is 317-373-2951? Thanks, Larry
    left a +1 reply in private sales and sent you a +rep. it was great talking to ya. hit me up any time your down my way.hope you enjoy the speedmaster!!!!!
    Thanks for the rep. Sorry I didn't thank you when posted, but I'm just learning how this works.
    I have a Milt Sparks VM2 that I bought one month ago. It is Commander size. I just sold my 1911 so I don't need it.

    It is a deep bergundy color. If you want it, I will sell it to you for what I paid, $120. There is currently a six months wait for these. Please let me know if you are interested. If not, I will post it. Thanks.
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