When someone hits your dog...

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  • tmschuller

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    Feb 25, 2013
    Grant county
    Couple of days ago my dog " Jack " was hit right in front of our house.. I watched it happen and him go helicoptering thru the air. Mini van hit him about 45-50 mph. To my surprise he got up and came running over to me, knot on the head and some hair missing. Somehow he is running around like nothing is wrong, lady is crying my mastiff is squaring up on her barking. I told her just to get back in her vehicle and leave as I trying to assess Jack and contain a 160# dog from jumping on her. She did ask to help and was crying.
    Get jack in the house and he is starting to limp, call the vet and do a once over with the vet tech and all the major warning signs are not there. Have a appointment for a few hours ahead and if needed I can take him in if he declines.
    He's black and furry and I noticed a wet spot on his fur, golf ball sized hole in him and bleeding just some.. I vet our horses and this wound was smaller than some I have dealt with on the horses.. treated wound, gauze and vet wrap to slow the bleeding and waited until appointment.
    Get him to the vet and he's a little worse with a limp and bleeding has stopped. Overnight stay and sutures and drain tubes and had to remove a tooth. Picked him up yesterday and he's steadily getting better! Cone of shame for a few more days until the drain tubes come out.
    So today I also got a phone call from a idiot kid down the road that he says this is his girlfriends vehicle and the damage to his vehicle is severe and the A/C now does not work. ( I know the law about if its your animal your homeowner's is responsible) But he sends me pictures of his van and you can clearly see the damage is old and there is no way a 45 pound dog had done that much damage to a vehicle and especially live. It very clear that the angles and damage to the plastic is deep and going the opposite direction was from a previous incident. I am ignoring him for the time being. thumbnail_IMG-6392.jpg thumbnail_IMG-6406 jack.jpg


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    Mar 3, 2011
    Lafayette, IN
    I am sorry to hear the harm to your pet and am glad he is going to be ok.

    Like any property settlement, you have to test and see the actual damage. Some people do try to take advantage. Years ago, my wife was at fault for a minor parking lot fender ding. About the size I could make with my fist, in a beat up vehicle. The woman produced a bogus estimate that included a clutch replacement because of the "strain during impact"and an electric window that mysteriously would not work.


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    Jan 29, 2013
    Northeast IN
    ...So today I also got a phone call from a idiot kid down the road that he says this is his girlfriends vehicle...
    If the idiot kid calls again tell him you will only speak to the vehicles owner (girlfriend). She sounds like she already feels guilty about hitting your dog and is likely not a professional liar and scam artist like her boyfriend.
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