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  • Hey, I just found your link to your AAR table.

    Thanks for the links and the writeups.

    I love training, and I'm jealous of all the courses you've taken. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks. I realize what you are saying is probably right. I feel like sometimes though I have to try either way. You can learn at least some of these things without getting banged up too bad. But the ego and cardio take a hit no matter how you do it.
    I take it out at least every couple months. That photo was actually taken at a friend's property in Owen county, but I've been to the Badlands a number of times, with the next trip scheduled for May.
    Thanks for the rep. I'll see what I can do to leave more evidence of my "frequenting". Maybe more women will follow.
    Thanks for the rep. Yeah, there is a lot of potential value from certain situations in training that typically get overlooked in the name of safety. I think it's important to address all aspects of training, but in appropriate contexts repectively.
    I only "friend" INGOers whom I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. Total count sits at 341.
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