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    • Hey thanks for my 500th like! Guess I have more points and going somewhere now...haha. This board has been a good place to offer personal opinions, and have a better grasp of reality. What real people in the real world are saying and doing. It's been refreshing as I've only posted about 6 months.
      Thanks. That's quite true, and part of my job is to get people to see the less-obvious causes and effects
      HAHA, awesome. If it was a blue one near Banker's Life I know who it was. We are working on the new Hyatt and Garage down there and they had a pour on Saturday.
      Thanks for the rep. I like Zach Myers. He always was a good guy and I worked with him a lot on the morning show. We never talked guns but he's a pretty darn good drummer.
      Yeah, I was there. We had a guy on the 2nd floor in a wheelchair that wasn't able to get down. Eventually the admin sent everyone home (four hours after power failure) and we had to man handle the guy down the stairwell. Crazy day.
      Yeah, been here since '09 in CME, worked my way from technician to project manager.
      Thanks! One of the things that really distresses me about Carter is that by virtue of wearing religion on his sleeve, he has become to far too many people the public face of Christianity in spite of his complete failure to grasp even its most basic tenets.
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