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  • That's exactly where it was. It was in the lot at South and Pennsylvania. My wife ran in a 10k Saturday and after the start, I walked my kids down to the Subway there at South and Penn. Cut through that parking lot - and there it was. I did notice the work going on there immediately west of Banker's Life. Looks like big doings!
    Thanks for the rep. I lived on Primanti Bros. going to college in Pittsburgh. I introduced my wife to it when we got married. One in Hamilton Town Ctr may just bankrupt us.
    I saw you talkin about 10/22s and .22 ARs.
    The rifle I was shooting the dueling tree with was a 10/22, with Blackhawk stock and hi-vis sights.
    I also have a S&W 15-22 rifle. For the cost of the upper you were talking about, you can get a whole rifle.
    If i go down there again, you're welcome to try them.
    That's OK. I'll take it as a compliment. Seriously, I'm glad you were able to get one. Many more hours of enjoyment ahead :thumbsup:
    Thanks for the rep! I understand that it is a pain to be late to the party and not have the context to get the jokes.
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