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  • Fargo
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    • Thanks for the rep. I honestly believe it. I think it's quite "ugly" when people judge someone because they view them as having an "inferior" job.
      Dang. Just noticed that when I repped you, I forgot to add the points. That seems to happen a lot when I rep from my phone. Sorry. I'll get you next time.
      Thank you for the rep Sir. It is nice to have a place to come to where we call all solve the worlds problems and remain friendly. - Doug

      Is tomorrow still hoping to work for you? Sounds like you may have a busy day. We can reschedule if you like

      Your pm is full BTW: )
      Thanks for the rep! Well ya know, if she had a thick southern accent (being from Alabama), "murderer" might have sounded like "martyr". She was probably just misquoted. :):
      Thanks for the rep! And I find the potentially embarrassing sig line that Tactically Fat mentioned interesting. Hopefully we'll learn more. :cool:
      Nice meeting you yesterday afternoon! Good chatting as well. And don't worry. I don't plan on changing my sig-line to embarrass you. Yet. heh.
      GREAT to see YOU Back - Idiots abound and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Stay Safe
      Thanks for the rep. There is a depressing amount of acquiesence to the federal power grab here. But many of these same posters will be b*tching about the feds and especially the president overstepping his authority in the next day or two. Funny how people can object to PC in their thoughts on gun control, but then capitulate on social issues they embrace...
      TFTR.....I have had some issues with our friends on high in the past. I have made some mistakes but so have they.
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