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    • Thanks. I wasn't sure whether he is a sniffer or a card-carrying team member, but he certainly does seem to believe that the police are God. I sincerely hope that he does time for some stupid obscure violation. By the time his rear end heals, he would understand the danger of arbitrary, obscure, and overreaching laws.
      You are obviously too dense to realise that IMPD doesn't protect officers that are arrested for dui. If it happens off-duty, they are arrested and suspended. If it happens on-duty, they are fired. Feel free to provide proof of how an officer is "protected."
      Thanks for the rep! On another note, I am not ready to hammer BBI, but he doesn't seem to understand that his statements reinforce not diminish my point about Mohammed. Pragmatism and religion don't mix because a true religion is absolute truth, not in the words of Samuel Clemens via Huck Finn, whatever comes handy. Mohammed was pragmatic--he conquered when he could, agreed to disagree when he couldn't, and fled before getting his ass handed to him. Not my idea of a good spiritual example.
      Thanks for the rep. You climb into the battery compartment from the top, and crawl over the battery top. I never knew how big they were till they were cut out during an overhaul. Instead of crawling around, I could walk around the compartment. It was impressive.
      Thanks for the rep. I can't even find that someone special. So I appreciate when people have over 10 years.
      Sorry to hear about your back pain. I think the up/down in temperature is worse than when it's just cold out.
      I can....U dont care if I get banned or not. There are too many boys in here that know they would get the **** kicked out of them in the real world.
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