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  • AllenM
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    • Hey Allen,
      I have a Bulgarian 74 build that has a US made barrel currently. I acquired a virgin Bulgy barrel and am wondering if you are able to do a barrel swap? Also some questions about the build itself if you are able to take a look.
      Allen, can you mill an AR-15 80% lower and customize with a logo and name?
      No, I don't do the milling on 80% parts. I can do the engraving after that is done if you want
      Ok thank you
      Allen, can you mill an AR upper to take a left handed charging handle. I think it requires the charging handle latch groove be machined into the right side of the upper.
      ok can do
      Would you be able to perform the work on an assembled upper or would a bare upper receiver be necessary? Are you available this week to drop off the parts?
      other then optics It can be assembled and yes you can drop it off but we are closed Friday.
      However but I should be here working some on Saturday.

      My cell is 317-833-4087 if you want to text.
      Hi Allen,
      I was searching threads and see you thread 12g barrels for chokes. What thread pattern of chokes do you thread for and what costs are associated with it?

      I can do pretty much whatever configuration you want, some of it depends or barrel thickness.
      It runs 175.00
      Hi Allen, I will buy your Remington. It would be sometime next week before I could make it down your way.
      Allan, I have a Turkish made semi automatic 20ga that won’t cycle. I have cleaned it and gone thru all manual to make sure everything in place. Do you work on shotguns or know someone who can?
      Sorry, that is not something that I work on. I am not sure who does. Maybe Havalins in Brownsburg
      I don't stock sights so Yea it would be best is you brought it with you. If you are driving a significant distance I can try to install it while you wait
      Well I need to order the sight first...right? Unless you sell them too? But I'll have to find a day that you are available and I am able to drive over to Avon...
      Thanks man!
      Dovetailed...or I should say Novak cut...and from what I understand the Citadels are alot more true to a true Novak than RIA's...
      Hey Allen,
      I did a quick search for 1911 front sight installs in Indianapolis area and was brought to a thread on here that said you did great work.
      I have a Citadel 9mm 1911 Government size that I am wanting a white dot sight or FO installed.
      What kind of cost am I looking at total?
      Also I am over in Greenfield, but frequent the west side....what kind of turn around should I expect on the install?
      Awesome. I'm able to strip my 1911 to the bare-bones, except for maybe the slide. I don't have the tools to remove the sights, so you'd definitely have to do that. I'll definitely stop by your shop. Thanks again!!
      Thanks! How stripped do you need/like a 1911 to be? That will most likely be the first of the pair to get done. Is there a particular time that is best to call you? If you have a store front, it might be easier to work out, as I'm still not sure what color(s) I'd like. Thanks again for your help!
      I've heard lots of good things on this forum about your Cerakote work, and was wondering how much you typically charge to cerakote a 1911 and ar 15's. Thanks for your help!
      hello im interested in getting a feg hi power clone cut for novac sights, how much would you charge to mill out the rear and front sight for them?
      Hey Allen.... wondering if you do smithing on guns now? My brother in law is looking for a smith to do some work on a couple of pieces. FYI, this is Brian from church
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