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    • What it takes to learn it will vary from person to person. The critical aspect is bringing an element of reality to temper the ego. Some people require a bigger dose to learn the same lesson. My contention is these guys are so resistant to reality that your words are wasted. :-) See the comment made bout my post. "Its not bold talk, its what will happen." They think it will work out just like their fantasy. I applaud your efforts, though.
      Bwahahahaha! Man, you just completely buried him with his own lack of intellect. Everything he said that he knew from a manual is completely shamed now that you proved him wrong in so many ways!

      Man I love it when newbies come in here and get all hostile!

      I think this...

      "You needed a big fat $50 book to teach you that one?"

      Was my favorite one! :rockwoot:
      I assume they did, because its definitely gone. It would be nice if they could tell me what the deal was. I never heard a thing.
      Thanks for the rep. I have a lot of respect for the Glocks, but they sure aren't the prettiest guns around.
      Thanks for the rep. Good choice you made. My nickle and dime Dillon days are over. Every time I turned around it was another 200.00 for something. Guess someone has to pay for all that outstanding customer support.
      It's a good site, also is great for preparing a plan to help thru these soon to be rough times. Thanks for the rep!
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