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    • I would say it would be limited to the 50 states. Benghazi didn't garner much support for retaliation.
      Thanks for the rep! It is truly a sad state we are in when pointing out the plain and provable truth is indeed deemed racist by so many in the land of e pluribus minus the unum.
      I'm just lucky I guess. I travel about 23 weeks a year and haven't had any TSA agent give me any :poop: but that sucks for you bro and you're definitely a more patient man than I. I'm well known for not tolerating anyone giving me orders. +1 to you for sure.
      Thanks for the rep! What troubles me is that so many people don't see the patently obvious and deem any comparison with the rise of the Third Reich to automatically be at best hyperbole when in fact the very same things are happening. Scary thing is that Hitler's rise was supported by both those looking for a savior and also by the 'law and order' types who are generally on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. I really doubt that we are far from seeing this merger take place here.
      You should join the conversation about exactly that. I started it this afternoon. It's going swimmingly, too.
      I didn't think you were coming across as that dude was portraying you. But hey, I'm the guy that says, if you want to be a socialist, go for it as long as I don't have to participate.

      You're entitled to your opinion. I believe Dr Paul is our best hope for beating BHO and you will either come to that conclusion or you won't and that's ok. I'm noticing a lack of civility recently on INGO GP forum. I don't care for it.

      Take care my friend.
      I agree, not cut and dry. But I don't think anything will change as a result of SB001. That is once all the discussion dies down. But after some thought I still supported the legislation.
      Thanks for the rep. Those shows really bother the hell out of some time. Some hunters spend a lifetime saving up for that chance of a lifetime hunt, and these guys take that chance from some of these hunters just so they can make a tv show. It bothers me
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