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    • Thanks for the rep. People that think freedom is a bug and not a feature need to be jap slapped. How are you doing? Still up in the great white north (MN)?
      Thanks for the rep.
      No big deal.
      The number just sat wrong in my head.
      Military ships have big crews because of weapons, sensors, and damage control.
      Cruise ships have big crews to baby the passengers.
      Freighters and Tankers have small crews. Just enough to get them from one port to another.
      Thanks for the rep, and thank you for providing the info that you do. Please know that my comment wasn't directed at you. It's just so much coming from all directions. God bless!
      I do disagree somewhat on the 'prompt criticality' you feel the banking system will undergo next week without Fed intervention, but it is kind of 'wait and see' because it is not outside the realm of possibility. Stay safe. Hatd to chop this up due to 500 character message limit :)
      I'm somewhat surprised that San Francisco hasn't evidenced more of a problem as what modeling I have done in my head would indicate it should be a hotspot. I appreciate the calm voice you are bringing to this discussion, especially in helping people realize that while it won't be pretty it also won't be the end times just yet
      Thank you for the reply. I found Italy an anomaly and was trying to discern whether they were just ahead of the curve on testing and detection, and thus just ahead on getting to a location we all will eventually arrive at; or whether they were exposed more due to some unique characteristic. It is my understanding most of the restriction the US has put on flights from China has been by corporate action (ie: Uniteds recent suspension of flights) rather than government action
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