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    • Thanks for the rep. I included RMS's "pragmatism" quote tongue-in-cheek. I like GNU, but if I find a tool I like a lot, I don't mind paying for it. I'd rather pay for TextMate than use Emacs!
      Keep me posted on what you come up with. This sounds very interesting. The only problem I can see is getting the needed support from the people.
      I agree with your point that the Constitution was created for the limitation of government, not for the defining or limitation of our rights. I think this is going to be an uphill battle trying to convince others of this concept since we have been brainwashed to think the opposite. Keep up the good fight!
      Thanks for the rep! I can understand the challenge keeping one's composure with this moron. I am not sure i could do it if not for knowing that there are several youngsters on INGO who likely haven't had the opportunity to learn better yet and need to have the true nature of that drivel explained to them.
      I don't have to tell you that very dark times are ahead for not only this country, but as a result the entire planet. We are the last people standing the the way of great global unrest. If America goes down, the whole world will follow.
      They don't understand why Americans are so blind. These people are hearing the same lies and the same tactics used against their people over here now. I feel bad because they've made huge life changes to get away from it, and now find it happening in America. They don't know where else they can go to get away from it since this is/was the last place on Earth that was free.
      My dad talks to a lot of people everyday. He's had many conversations with people from from socialist and communist countries who are now Americans. They have fear in their voices and say they can't believe what they're seeing. That America is doing the exact same things and heading for the same direction that caused them to leave their previous country.
      I know. Personal experience is showing that there is a higher percent of new legal immigrants who are warning us of what's happening then there are of American born citizens.
      Very good, I do not have it completely memorized :laugh: May have to pop that in the dvd player when the game is over
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