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    • Thanks for the rep and kind thought my friend! Sometimes we have to take the circuitous route to the truth when the direct approach isn't accepted! As for the DTWS, I don't know how THAT would work out! I am afraid it would yield similar results with trying to teach a rhinoceros to dance! :):
      Thank you Sir.

      Looks like the thread was locked. I cannot say I am shocked, but it is amazing how the matter is one which is consistently supressed. It is little wonder that no go zones get a toe hold and expand.

      Best regards.
      hehe. On forms that ask for race, if they have an option for "Other" I check that and put Human.
      LOL. Obviously, I live in NY. Which means the majority of my friends are bleeding heart lefties. I'm Puerto Rican, so I'm pretty brown, ya know? You should hear my friends if/when we get into conversations. I get the "How can you be for these laws, you're hispanic?" BS. Uh, yeah, sure I'm hispanic. But I'm American first, and my grandparents came here for a better life too. But they got in line and waited their turn. So STFU with your racist/hater/off-the-plantation horsepuckey.
      I'm second generation American on both sides. My paternal grandparents, may they rest in peace, broke their humps to get here and boy did they used to scream about the illegals in Queens. It's funny, you'll find that the people most upset about the illegal situation aren't caucasians. It's the immigrants who did things the right way.
      Thanks for the rep.
      Yes, my dad in his later years suffered from a degree of dementia.
      He wasn't as bad as the man in the story.
      BUT if he had been and they treated my dad like this I would've been really pissed and would've raised hell about it.
      Thanks for the rep sir! Hahahaha...... Went back and re read my post and got a good kick out of it!
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