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  • UncleMike

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    Dec 30, 2009
    NE area of IN


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    Mar 3, 2011
    Lafayette, IN
    The United States is not a Democracy. It is a Representitive Republic. That is a society based around a set of standards called the Constitution. We had an excellent human rights document called the Magna Carta to work from. The founding fathers set up a democratic way of electing representitives to insure the country follows the Constitution in dealing with the details of society. The leadership system was designed to protect the citizens from tyrants in the executive office. It is the Constitiution of this Republic that BO has troubles with, He has no use for a set of standard that limit his power.

    A true Democracy can become two wolves and a rabbit voting on what to eat for dinner. Without the foundation of a constitution, every democracy will fail. Read Plato's "REPUBLIC", or "ANIMAL FARM". There are those who will think I over simplified this opinion. I only had a couple of Political science courses, it was not my major. I believe I presented the principles fairly.
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