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    Stay Picky my Friends
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    Aug 7, 2008
    Ft Wayne
    I posted this in another thread and thought I’d get y’all’s opinion too…

    Short version: I’ve been thinking about changing my handle to streamline with other platforms I’m on. Is that something people do and not a big deal? Or a no-no, since everyone already knows me as Rainmaker?

    Longer version: I originally signed up on INGO 11 years ago. But at that time my computer was my only device that would connect and I just never got on. I honestly forgot that I even signed up. Last year I went to sign back up and was reminded that I already had. I’ve been surprised how last 6 months I’ve really got sucked in to INGO culture and community. I shouldn’t have waited so long to get involved. On all other platforms I go by Firehawk. A long time ago I bought a Firebird Formula as project car that I’m redoing into a Firehawk clone. I’ve never really liked the Rainmaker handle and Firehawk is a lot more personal to my life now.

    I recently found out Admin can change it. So change it? Or not a big deal and just keep it?
    Sometimes it’s nice to have them different but it’s also nice to be the same


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    Aug 19, 2014
    Avon, IN
    I probably wont be allowed to take any of these drugs for my pinched nerve since I drive a truck. Sure thankful it isn't a major problem yet.
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    Feb 27, 2010
    Weird, I woke up about a half hour ago and forgot I was hurt until I tried to hop up. then I was confused about what was going on..l.
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