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    • keith,
      this is my third attempt to contact you about payment being sent on the 870 stock. i reposted it on the boards for sale. 2 people are trying to claim it. if i dont hear from you by tomorrow morning i will sell it again. let me know please.
      That works, I also always have access to the firehouse on Mt. Comfort, which is a great facility also.
      thanks for the rep. Thought comes b4 speech. works best that way. caring about other humans isn't bad either.
      Absolutley. And if you've ever talked to Mike at the Indy1500, he'd agree with you that that was what he was aiming for. L. Neil Smith's Probablility Broach series tries to go the "anarcho-propertarian" society route but, IMO, he glosses over the societal inertia involved in changing the patterns of thought ingrained in our cultural roots. Such libertarian or propertarian societies would necessarily have to be isolated from the prevailing cultural memes long enough for their concepts to be shaken down into workability and ingrained in the society. I'm not saying we couldn't get there from here, but I'll bet it would take a an almost TEOTWAWKI situation to create the conditions where it would be possible.
      FYI, I did see the cop approaching me. I'm on my phone right now, so it's too difficult to find the post for you, but I did post in the thread that when he tapped his light on my sidearm, it was not the first I knew he was there.
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