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  • Dean C.
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    • Thanks for the rep. Remember, not all of ANY stereotype meet the stereotype. It's a percentage game.
      Thank you for the rep Dean. I don't even see the point in polling this far in advance, unless it is for a candidate to adjust their stance on certain issues. It just doesn't make sense. - Doug
      Thank you kindly for the rep. I cannot figure out the support for Cruz either. Trumpi s already 2.3 million votes ahead of Cruz and we'll need every one of those to beat the witch
      Thanks for the rep. It's probably easier found if it stays in the top 10 or so post. I know I seldom look up at the sticky's.
      I'm just glad someone else likes Nutnfancy. Seems that some people really have a lot against him for whatever reason. I know he's not for everyone, but I really like his stuff. :) I like the Paranoid Owl best because it's more subtle (doesn't have a gun in it) so I could put it on my car and only people "in the know" would know what it is. :)
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