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    Mar 10, 2015
    Tropical Minnesota
    Well I think the videos show actual 4" barrels that are not 5" barrels and of course there is some velocity drop, but most self defense ammo was tested out of 5" barrels and shot of 3.5-4" barrels so it seems like parity. Federal Hydra-Shok or Winchester Ranger or Speer Gold Dot is all going to test out of whatever they test out of and we have to take those numbers and adjust for our gun's barrel size.
    No 5 inch barrels involved. I was just doing my own method of measuring the barrel length.
    They (everybody) includes the chamber length in the barrel length and of course that is a certain length that the bullet does not ever see or get to use for acceleration.
    The SAAMI chamber length is 0.8113" to 0.8233" so a 4" barrel has a bullet path of 3.1767" to 3.1887".
    And a 3" barrel has a bullet path of only 2.1767" to 2.1887".
    So the increase in bullet path length in a 4" compared to a 3" would be 3.1767/2.1767 = 145.94 which is an increase of 45%
    I fully realize this is not the "normal" way of measuring barrels but it certainly makes a little sense to only consider the bullet path length since that is where all of the bullet acceleration takes place.


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    Dec 6, 2020
    Yesterday, my wife heard that Wheeler and the Union Township schools want to incorporate under the jurisdiction of Valparasio.
    I'm not sure if the school board wants to or not. I know valpo is pushing hard for Aberdeen currently. Then I'd imagine union Township would be next.
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