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  • spalfano

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    Feb 26, 2023
    New Palestine
    I’m fresh meat here and I agree 100%! I joined this forum to be amongst great local folks that share my passion for shooting, or hunting, or knives. I’ve dabbled in the classifieds, but I didn’t even know about them when I joined. It’s a nice perk, and I use it, but I’d still be here without them. I have chatted with and met some amazing people and made some friends along the way. I hope more new members will see the forum the same way and hope to continue connecting with and sharing our passions together! Have a blessed day INGO!


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    Aug 25, 2023
    Marion County
    Please read to the bottom before responding to this post:

    It seems like lately we have had a influx of new members (and older members that have seldom posted). And with them comes a lot of confusion and a bit of drama. I am going to guess it's because you have lost access to your favorite social media gun out let. Sorry to hear about that. But this isn't a place to market your guns for sale or to shop for them. I know this comes as a great surprise to you! But it is the truth. We aren't Armslist.

    We do have a great ads section. I agree. Probably the best of any of the other Indiana gun forums. But, access to that part of the forum is for contributing members. Sorry if that gets you butt hurt. But, WE DON''T WANT THIS PLACE TO BE KNOWN FOR GUN SALES!! Yep, I am yelling. And yelling as loud as you are for being called out in an open forum for being opportunistic.

    We see your one word, one line comments meant to bump your post count. We aren't that stupid. It's really obvious to us. Can we suggest putting a little more effort in to our website? It's really not that much to ask. If you don't want to do the quality post route that's just fine. Support the site with a donation. It's money well spent. And will help make sure this place is still here the next time you want something. Either do it with quality posts or a donation. It's really just that easy to become a site supporter.

    I want to also let you know that being called out for the obvious isn't the end of the world, nor the end of your time on INGO unless you want it to be. Members that have been called out do go on to be awesome members of this forum. Please be one of those. We don't relish the thought of loosing a prospective member. That's the truth! A membership that is lost doesn't help this place grow.

    Basically what we are saying is we want you here. We will welcome you. But you are in our house. Act like a grown up. Not a scorn child. Learn how this site works. You will grow to love this place. And probably become as protective of it as we are. We will welcome you but please remember that you found us. At this point you need us more then we need you. Prove your worth and become a valued member. Have a membership that is valued.

    If you don't agree, well there's Armlist and a few other websites that are more geared towards your objective. But you will miss out on the brotherhood that is INGO. This is a awesome place. It is kept awesome by the members and the mod staff. We have the best mod staff. And I am saying that as a member who has 3 infractions by this staff. Yep, I was an idiot in the ads section. I learned from it and have gone on to be a better member of this site.

    You have been warned. Probably many times by now. You now know how we roll. It's not hard to understand. And we are (believe it or not) easy get along with. If you hang around you will find that out.

    Welcome to INGO. Help us in our continuing effort to make this the best Indiana gun forum. :ingo:

    I suggest people point the new members that are having issues to this thread.

    Added info from another member:
    Wish I saw this earlier lol
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