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  • jamil

    code ho
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    Jul 17, 2011
    MPJ is better than Diggs. JT is better than Mixon. The only real need there is pass rush. I believe the Colts were at least in the market for a veteran pass rusher, but this one opted for Houston. Can't really do anything about that.
    I'd take Diggs on my fantasy team before MPJ. Granted, Diggs had a way better QB than MPJ. And things might be different with a healthy AR. Given Stroud's performance last year, he'll be slinging it next season, and I think Diggs will be a prime target.


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    Oct 18, 2014
    Alternate perspective - The Texans can still draft a WR in 2024. Give your quarterback a great weapon for this year while you develop a rookie receiver. Win win.
    The Colts have: MPJ, AP, and Josh Downs at WR. Granson, Cox, Woods, and Mallory (all of whom are pass-catching) at TE.

    They don't need a vet WR (or the vet contract/cap hit or the vet locker room attitude), while also being able to draft more WRs.


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    May 26, 2018
    North Central
    As we await the draft, this is interesting, this draft is one of the shallowest in a long time. An unusual comment was made by the Steelers this week and in this context it makes more sense.

    We’ve been very active in free agency and that makes you really comfortable as you lean in on draft weekend. We’ve addressed a lot of needs, so don’t feel overly thirsty in any particular area,” Tomlin said.

    Lynch said 83 players the 49ers put a grade on decided not to declare for this draft. So, instead of having draftable grades on more than 250 players, the 49ers instead have 170 players with draftable grades.

    This then becomes a math problem for NFL teams. Although there are generally fewer draftable players – about 170 by some estimates – there are nonetheless the same number of picks as usual.

    That number this year is 257.

    That means that sometime late in the fifth round, some teams could plausibly run out of players on their board they wish to select.

    DeCosta said some teams, insinuating perhaps his own, may try to find ways to deal away late-round picks for future picks. The point is a late-round pick isn't so valuable when there are fewer (or any) players worthy of using them on.

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