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  • Thank you for the rep. Seems a strange world when the police are told to stand down, are being defunded, and citizens are punished for defending themselves against mobs.
    Thanks for the rep :yesway:
    People drive me crazy with the "it's different" argument.
    It's a mass, being driven at a velocity, which equates to a kinetic energy.
    Look at the KE of a car. It's friggin massive.
    And when they say cars don't kill on purpose..
    That's EVEN WORSE. They ACCIDENTLY kill more than something does on PURPOSE.
    Thank you for the rep. If there was a better browser than Chrome I might go with that, but aside from removing the backspace = go back functionality (that an add-on restored) I'm ok with it.
    Thank you for the rep. Yeah, he does a good job of laying out some things I was having difficulty articulating about why I support Trump
    There are teams people love and teams people hate. It's a shame people take it so seriously when someone dares to root for the despised team. None of that really matters. Thanks for the rep.
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