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    • All good. I disabled my rep anyway. Glad somebody accepted it as the joke it was meant to be
      Hi Folks,

      I've been getting emails saying I have PMs. I logged out for what I thought would be the last time, and keep logging back in to check these. I thank you for your well-wishes. I'd rather avoid the forums, though, and will be turning off my PMs.

      I can be reached at , and one member has other contact information for those who want it.

      I'm simply fed up with crap here. I may post back at some later date, but for now, it's best if I take a break. I do not know how long.

      Probably drop in and read now and again, but I don't need to log in to do that, so feel free to email.

      Thanks to all who have been there over the years!

      I've never listened to Ed Whatever-his-name-is, so I don't know anything about him, but I'm surprised to hear you aver that Rush Limbaugh primarily shouts the opposition into submission. In about 20 years of listening to him, I've heard him shout down a couple people, but he is almost invariably polite to his callers and tries to refute their arguments. Although I like them, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are much more rude to thier opponents - of course, many times their opponents are hateful towards them as well.

      Thanks for your answer.
      hey Josh, no I haven't really gotten to shoot them. I did trade that V12 for the Kimber though, and ended up getting the steel frame one and it looks pretty nice. I'll be getting the chance to put some rounds through both my mil spec and the kimber tomorrow :D I'll let you know how they do. Whichever I'm most accurate with will be my EDC.
      Thanks for the rep and the understanding of my humor :)
      seems like we are in the same line of work. I just left my organization, and now im gonna focus on working for clients in the entertainment sector. No more hot nights for me. :)
      it started stove piping again, i haven't used it since last fall. november i think. i just haven't had a lot of time to look at it. when i do get to shoot, i tend to grab an AR-15 or a mauser, because i don't have the time to go through a lot of rounds. may as well get comfortable with the guns i need to be comfortable with.

      i need to pick up some CCI mini-mags. to see if that helps.
      Thanks for the rep. It's a darned shame that we can't just carry anywhere.

      I wonder what it was like in the old days when there were no restrictions at all on where you could carry?
      WOW! I cant believe that iujeff punk. Thats too bad the feedback was closed before anymore could be said. He tried pulling the same **** on his other -1 but Im sure you saw that.... That just blows my mind. I guess we need to watch out for you and your miss leading ads.
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