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  • Jay
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    • Just checking in to see if everything is okay.I hadn't noticed you post in quite some time.
      Why? When you're right, you're right. Others can deal with it. Or not. Who cares? Do you? Not me.
      Yep, I can't believe he's holding to his interpretation after the info we have posted. Stupidity is a much different animal than ignorance...
      No problem. But one of these days...ONE of 'em... I'm gonna say the same thing you do, but I'll be FIRST. :D
      Anytime! You bring up valid arguments and youre right. I dont want a high person carrying as much as I dont want a drunk person carrying. I just have a different opinion on the issue, and thats cool. Id rather have a calm reasonable conversation than an argument any day. +1 to you for being the first and not the latter. BTW, im assuming by your logo you are a marine. Thank you SO much for your service sir. My father makes the tech you guys use, and I am proud to even speak with you.
      LMAO! He's one of those "dense" headed people. You can tell because they dance around the actual question at hand and never post any proof to back their statement up. No experience, no testing done, but he's gotta be right... right?! Haha
      Thanks for everything Jay! My confidence is much better and I'm definitely going to put to work all of your awesome advice! I really enjoyed your 1911's, mostly the Kimber! I plan on getting out a couple times this week to practice.
      Thanks Jay for the patience today. I feel all (3) of us learned so much and so glad we made the time to finally go through with it.
      No prob, bestie. You always give advice that's rep-worthy. (The green kind, not red!) :p
      That's awesome! Thanks for posting it on my visitor page where other people can use it! If nobody told you you're great today...consider it done! :D
      Have a good one...
      Hi jay, sorry I havnt got your estimate yet. Do you know where the tile was bought I can't find anything close to it. I just need a idea of its cost. You needed 41 peices right? Some are. $4 and some are$ 40. I just have been super busy.
      Hello. Jetgirl referred you to me. Im interested in taking a class to improve my shooting. Id like to be able to shoot as good as my gun is capable of. Can you help ? Thanks
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