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  • I don't care if the money is staring at me... I'm keeping the 10/22! :laugh:
    Dang! Forgot it was yesterday evening. Ah, well ... I felt compelled to go to a fellow church member's calling hours as it was and therefore wouldn't have been able to go anyway. Any better with your G27? I'm going to attend the Tactical Response pistol training down in Seymour, IN next weekend. Hopefully that'll make for a marked improvement for FNS November. :-) Did I see you on the list for the big vendor sponsored shoot-fest here soon? I hope to do that next year. How are things with you overall? Good to hear from you.
    Hello Mr Hofmann, Got your message referance you have not received your ticket stub yet and I do apologize. My wife sent some out at the start of the week and the post office for some reason seems to be moving real slow. I can tell you though that I do have the portion of the ticket that goes into the drawing bucket when we do the pull. Your numbered stub is #065 and I do have here with the others I have sold! I have one other envelope that I checked on wednesday and the post office told me to give it till monday before I report it missing, if yours does not show up by then I will report both of them at the same time. But as I said I do have the important part of the ticket here and if we cannot find your portion I will issue you a letter on our letter head and notorized that you purchased this ticket and it will have your ticket number on it. I will also run a copy of this portion of the ticket and include it with the letter I send out if needed. Please know that I will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable that you are NOT being ripped off on this raffle I have put to much into the 4H club and the youth to have it soiled over something like this! Please let me know if you do not see your stub by Monday and I will get the other out to you. I see that you live around Greenwood, so if I need to do a letter up for you I will deliver it personally so it does not get lost again. I hope this makes you more comfortable and if there is anything else I can do please let me know. Thank you!

    Jackie Brockman
    Johnson County 4-H Shooting Sports
    Johnson County Friends of NRA
    Fire Chief Amity Fire & Rescue
    Cell Phone# 317-366-2952
    We all know without the mag failure you would have at least beat me, if not Mark too.
    What happened to Newg, he was DQ'd?
    thanks 4 the rep! (and, of course, the picture comment.:):)
    It is a nice rifle.;)
    You don't have to come to the shop for that. I have all the equipment with me all the time. But at least it is warm there and it only takes about 10 minutes
    Call me at the shop 856-8880 before you come up so I can make sure we have them. We have gone through a lot of them lately. When I get in Monday I will pull a set if we have them. Why didn't you buy the set I had? Same as the shops and I sold them 20.00 cheaper
    Wow man, I didn't think I would run across anyone from school on here. How have you been?
    As a handloader yes I like savage best other wise I would stick with the remmingtom for shooting factory ammo. Reason being Remmington has a longer Throat on the chamber and I can't tweak my loads as well as I can with savage. I can get the bullet right up to the lands on the Savage so I can fine tune my loads.

    Once you rebarrel a remington it probably becomes the better of the 2
    I sold the savage and miss it. I placed an order for a new one yesterday.
    It had a McMillan stock on it. not sure which model though.
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