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  • Sir, I am running out of space for images to post. Can you tell me or help me remove images that I no longer need on INGO. Thanks much !! Buck Waddell / BFT 131
    Thanks for the rep. Thanks for doing the should arrive here eventually. :-)
    Thanks for the rep, with a garden and mini orchard, I do a lot of pruning.
    Thank you for the rep Robby. An oversight on my part. I never got into Star Frontiers, but I do remember seeing the rules. A buddy of mine has those. - Doug
    Tanks for the rep! I started my interest in electricity at a INGO kydex holster event. It's all Lonehoosier's fault.
    Thank you for the rep. I appreciate it! And no, no one ever WANTS rusty eyeballs, do they? That sounds like a cocktail name. Rusty Eyeball.
    Thanks for the rep! I hope I didn't sound snippy. I am up in the air about the route I'm gonna go, so I may be hitting him up for his POV. Thanks again.
    Thank you very much for the rep! I can live with the title so long as I don't have to be a Pittsburg stealer/steeler! Good grief do I hate Pittsburgh. General Sherman once commented that if he owned both Texas and Hell, he would live in Hell and rent Texas out. I feel the same way about Pittsburgh, especially after getting lost in that nasty place with a Kenworth W900L and a 45 ft. covered wagon!
    I was hoping you could help me. I have found a gun in the classifieds that I want to purchased ,it was posted by Span 24. Would you forward my contact information to him as I do not have 50 posts nor do I have 50 things to post about. I just want to by this gun. My phone number is 765-894-6670, my email is please have him contact me before it is gone. Thank you!!!!
    Thanks for the rep. Before too long I feel like he'll be on a diaper run instead of wearing his flippy floppies. :laugh:
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