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    1. Riflemen14

      2022 INGO challenge coin (Its a Go!)

      Mine arrived today!! They are outstanding! Thanks DK for doing this
    2. Riflemen14

      In Memory of Our Friend, Churchmouse....

      RIP Churchmouse, you will, be missed, be remembered, and be an immortal part of INGO.
    3. Riflemen14

      2022 INGO challenge coin (Its a Go!)

      In for 4 please
    4. Riflemen14

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      Asking for details, please
    5. Riflemen14

      James Caan- RIP

      Great actor, enjoyed his character Big Ed Deline from TVs Las Vegas. RIP Mr Caan
    6. Riflemen14

      Two Words, Words Abound

      Lost bearings
    7. Riflemen14

      Two Words, Words Abound

      signed away
    8. Riflemen14

      The Official Status Update thread #231.....Man is it spring yet...???

      Made it! Wish it quit raining
    9. Riflemen14

      H&K P7

      Watch the auctions with bids, or search ended auctions. Its what bidders will pay.
    10. Riflemen14

      Happy Birthday Churchmouse!

      Happy belated birthday !
    11. Riflemen14

      Two Words, Words Abound

      Truly false
    12. Riflemen14

      Retro AR 5.56 build- looking for a 14.5" barrel with FSB and FH already installed.
    13. Riflemen14

      Never thought I'd see the day cordless tool would compete with 1" pneumatic impacts

      The power these cordless tools can do is impressive. The shop where I work, Milwaukee is used by many of us mechanics. And cordless can out perform air powered tools.
    14. Riflemen14

      Pick the day and time Russia invades Ukraine

      Same day China invades Taiwan, 2/2/22
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