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  • Thanks for the rep. Did you see the video in thread "how does a redneck carve a pumpkin"?
    I feel you, I've got a banana costume she can use when she gets bigger.
    I really love it that my girl doesn't want to be like everyone else too.
    Thanks for the rep Rachel, Hope you and yours have a great Halloween and a safe one, Gary
    If I go, I'm sure it will be. :rolleyes: Whether I go or not depends if I can get someone to take care of my Dad that night.
    My son's having a Halloween party.
    I think I'll go as a Cop. :laugh:
    I just saw the rep. Thanks for the new bacon. :rockwoot:
    haha that sucks. The scary stuff is fun! lol. I just hope I do better on the makeup than I did last year.
    Sounds like a really good person. Surround yourself with that type.
    Again...sorry for your loss of Skyy. It gets better with time...but they're always a part of you.
    This is Arlo. He was one of my dearest friends. Who knows? Maybe they can play together now. :) Hang tough, sweetie. You'll never forget but the good memories begin to outweigh the sting.

    Thanks for the rep. Been through it recent enough to know that knowing other people go through it to doesn't help much right now. She lived the way a sentient being is meant to live, with the opportunity to make her own decisions. We can be no more responsible for those decisions than we are when we allow our family to drive home at the end of a long visit.
    Thank you for the rep. What a kind thng to do in your time of loss. I hope you and your family are doing ok. You'll all be in my prayers.
    Thanks for the rep, pets are family members, they give un-conditional love, that's the best part about them. It will get easier, it just takes time. Hang in there.
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