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  • You are too kind. Your daughter was great entertainment! Next time we should look for somewhere that kids will be more comfortable.
    Well, if you will be there, I will still bring a handful of a few different type bullets... It would be silly for you to later buy a case not knowing if you would like them. I will bring a few popular types so when you do get started, you might have a better idea what you might want or not want... See you tomorrow !
    Thanks for the rep ! Hey, you got started on loading yet ? If so, holler out before tomorrow. I'm taking some things for another member tomorrow and could throw a few things for you to try in the car too. You will have to refresh my memory... 9mm right ?
    Let me know if you see a fence for sale - it does have to be WHITE though. Thanks for the bump!
    Thanks for the rep. Scaring the **** out of a four year old just to make a point that could be made better in other ways is just unconscionable.
    Thanks for the rep my dear. I hope you and your family are doing well. Yes Bella is quite the looker fir sure and a little hellian. She is very spirited. lol
    Thanx, for the B-Day wishes, Rachel...my home comp has been down for a while, still is, Trojan problem ( I have a person that is supposed to do a fix, yawn, taking too long, so I'm on a lap-top )....didn't mean to ignore your message.....xoxoxoxo

    ( Ric) The Pope with the most, Fodder Son and Holy Ghost...Peace to you....
    That's how we roll :D I'm sure there'll be another opportunity in the future---I can't keep my mouth shut :D
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