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  • Thanks, glad you got a laugh out of it..., nice pic by the way it's good to see a woman on here and active. Your hubby must be proud!
    FYI... We never found out any info on the moldy look to the starts. Been out turkey hunting again sorry for the delayed response.
    I dont know if I did or not? It sucks to get old, LOL I had a class to teach today for the MI CCW permit, it rained here also, sun came out this afternoon for a little while, If you and your Husband ever get up this way (Cassopolis MI) just north of Elkhart your welcome to stop by and look at some handguns, I have about 23 I use them to teach the class (NRA) to help people decide what they need or want in a self defence gun, you guys would be welcome to see what is what if you want, I am also a Tactical Pistol Instructor so I could help with getting you stated on the right track, Tahnks agin for the Rep, Gary
    Thanks! We ate them last night with dinner. They were HEAVENLY!!! Wish I could find some more.
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