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    • Thanks for the rep! I think he has some good info sometimes but his delivery needs work for sure!
      Thanks for the rep, it won't let me hit you back. Never underestimate the dedication of true cat lovers. They scare the hell out of me.
      Thanks for the rep. Yes, the state of hires has me mad. They expect straight days, office job, new equipment, etc.
      Your inbox is full. Base plated came off just fine. PM you mailing address and I will get you a cost for USPS flat rate shipping.
      Hey, PDog. Have been reading 'off duty officer shoots a fleeing car' since it resurfaced. You don't know me but wanted to say I think you and all the LEOs on INGO exhibit the highest integrity based on my interactions and readings. This edwoodward1 can't possibly be unbiased, is unable to admit (apparently) that his nephew played stupid games with the usual prizes, and is following the usual pattern of pushing someones buttons just because he can. Illegitimis non carborundum.
      Thanks for the rep. I appreciate people that take the time out of their lives to show me something they think I might find interesting.
      I was looking through google images and saw some pictures (in the snow) of a stippling job you did on a gen 4 FDE glock. your work was the best I've seen and i was curious if you would be willing to stipple my gen 4 FDE glock 22 i picked up the other day. thanks - Ty Mcshan
      Thanks for the rep! It gets tiresome seeing the lack of focus with criticism, especially extremely harsh and insulting criticism heaped on those who don't deserve it.
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