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    WTS: BOX of 357mag and 500S&W for sale(Portage, IN)

    I have up for your consideration, 2 boxes of ammunition for sale. $15: SOLD 1 BOX, 50rds, PMC bronze, 357mag, 158grs. JSP $25: FOR SALE 1 BOX, 20rds, HSM BEAR LOAD, 500s&w, 440 grain Located in Portage, IN
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    WTS: Full size Colt 1911

    ***SOLD*** Up for your consideration and viewing pleasure is this slightly dirty(haven't cleaned it since last range trip), yet beautiful Full size Colt 1911 in 45acp. It has roughly 100 flawless rounds through it. This Colt 1911 can turn a mediocre shooter into a near expert marksman...
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    Suspicious encounter this morning.

    I'll preface this with I worked nights last night, and was just about to fall asleep when this went down. At approximately 0940 hours, I'm in my recliner about to fall asleep, watching the republican debate that I tivod. And I hear a knock at my front door. It was a soft knock, that I thought...
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    What is this?

    Like the title says, what is this? And more importantly, why is it growing on a tree in my backyard? And yes I know it looks like a certain body part.
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    Star-Spangled Banner bicentennial today 09/14/14

    A cool video of the history of Francis Scott Key's writing of the National Anthem. Thought it fitting being the Star Spangled Banner's 200th birthday. Image of the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the night of 09/13/14
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    What happens when a train hits a log truck?

    When a train hits a truck loaded with logs, the logs dislodge from the truck. Some disintegrate, others become lodged under the locomotive. Which in turn causes the train to jump the tracks. This is some snap shots from the locomotive cab, along with the aftermath. As a railroader, this is one...
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    Can you spare some 22lr, for the children?

    I'm sure most of you are aware, but for the ones who aren't, we are looking for donations of 22lr. No donation is to big or to small. The NWI portion of INGO was once again asked by the Indiana DNR to assist with a "Family fun Day" at Winimac, a northwest Indiana DNR range. This is the second...
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    WTS: Tuaras Slim 9 w/all the fixins'

    ***SOLD*** I have a LNIB, Taurus Slim 9 that has sat in the box since I bought it. I've never shot it, never carried it, but did check holster fit. It's perfect for concealing, slip it right in your front or back pocket. I'm offering it up for sale for the low, low price of $350. But it...
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    WTS: Sig P226 Stainless Elite 40 S&W

    ***SOLD*** Looking to sell my Sig P226 Stainless Elite. It's in 40 S&W and comes with 3 12 round mags and case. It features night sights and the SRT. I'm located in NWI, Crown Point/Lowell area. Asking $800.
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    WTS: 50ae ammo w/dry storage box.

    I have 63 rounds of Hornoday 50 ae and a plastic dry storage box for sale. First $100 takes it. SOLD
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    WTS: CROSSBOW-TenPoint Turbo XLT w/Accudraw

    SOLD I have a TenPoint Turbo XLT crossbow for sale. It comes with the Accudraw system, a TenPoint 3X scope and 3 arrows. It's like new. It sells for $999 on sale at big box stores. The arrows are target arrows, one with a blank tip. The feathers on the blank tipped arrow show some use...
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    WTS: iPad 4 32gg wifi and 4g (AT&T) black

    ****SOLD**** I have an iPad 4 32gb wifi and 4g with AT&T for sale. It's always been cased, in a leather iPad case. The case has wear on it and it should be replaced. The iPad itself is in great shape, no noticeable scratches, the screen is like new. I have a long charging cable for it, but no...
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    Unclaimed money

    I'm sure some of you have used this. Each state has their own site for it. It's free and seems pretty easy to claim. I just found around $40 for me, that was a refund for my dad. I clicked on it and Indiana will mail me a claim form, or you can print one out. I'll sign it and include a death...
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    Prayer request for a friend.

    A coworker and friend of mine has been diagnosed with Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma Cancer. He's a hard worker and a good friend. He works 2 jobs, one with the railroad where he works 50-60 hours a week and also is a part-time police officer. He has had to take leave from both of his jobs, and is...
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    Legal advice

    I'm going to try to be vague, but also give enough info to give a good understanding of what's going on. Excuse any misspellings as I'm on a few medications that make me mess up. So in the late 60's somebody files a patent. I'm talking like 1969, a couple years later a gentlemen from a small...
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